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Graphing System Info in Node Red and Grafana

We were just talking about getting system info into graphs in the comments in a previous blog entry – and I realised I already had some code for getting that info in Python – and using a library that can provide a LOT more.

So – as it was there already  – I thought I’d put this quick entry together for anyone interested.

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microPython and the ESP

Flush with success at writing trivial code on NEO platform to control lights and displays, in Python, I thought I’d have a go at microPython on the ESP8266 and the ESP32.

Getting this working on the ESP8266 was trivial as the binary files start at zero – so really you just have to use your favourite tool to flash the chip (this is not the place to teach anyone how to flash chips incidentally).

I grabbed the binary file for the ESP8266 from here and set my  usual programming software to start at location 0, rebooted the board, hooked up a serial interface at 115KBaud and pressed reset.

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Terminal Login

I made this as a continuation of my current work with the NEO2 but there is no reason why this could not be adapted to other boards. There are also many ways to achieve the same thing i.e. colourful terminal login – this is merely a what I chose to do.

promptSo I like colourful terminals when working with little boards like the Raspberry Pi , NEO and many others.  I’ve long since gone off using the graphical interfaces (unless I’m making a media centre) – and play with the boards mainly from my Windows PC using WinSCP which gives me graphical access to the file structure and the ability to use Microsoft Studio Code (I used to use Notepad++ but that was, it seems, a lifetime ago).

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So  – would you like to play with Node-Red for free without even running it on your own PC? Check out FRED for Node-Red on Google . You just don’t get any easier than this!

Also this morning I stumbled across KODING – an online environment for HTML, PHP, PYTHON etc.  I don’t have any great expertise at this yet but I did notice that you get a full VM for free or so it would seem, with full root access. If you want to mess around with Linux commands without messing up your PI – could this be a good start? Certainly on my Windows 8 PC it all looked good. Not tried it on the Android tablet yet.