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Raspberry Pi 3/4 Power

For one of my (up to date) Raspberry Pi (SBC) installations, I have a 5v supply able to deliver sufficient power i.e. over 3 amps… I don’t need a full uninterruptible supply, but I thought it would be nice to use one of my USB battery packs in between the power supply and the Pi in case of short term glitches… the battery unit I have is able to shove out enough power also to keep the PI happy but its stabilisation is by the look of it rubbish, as such, from time to time the RED Pi power indicator flicks off momentarily.

No harm done yet but as I’m not using the Pi graphical desktop, I use the warning indicator as a sign I need better power supply. Even at 100% charge, I’m getting this warning on and off.  Anyone aware of a battery unit (doesn’t need a lot of capacity) or even one supplied without batteries that is KNOWN to be stable and deliver 5v or up to sav 5.2v, definitely not below 4.9v  can send out 3 amps and charge at 3 amps at the same time? For now I’ve removed the battery pack. See below the break.

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