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The life of a solar panel

Here’s something you don’t see in the garden solar light adverts.. what you’re seeing here is not untypical weather for the Northeast of England at this time of year. I’m optimistic that my NEW (not cheap) panels may last longer than the usual cheap rubbish. We’ve had several nights like this recently (rock solid ice in the morning) and the new solar lights I blogged about at Christmas are working a treat (more than can be said for the PoundLand specials) and lighting up the garden only when movement is detected, running at a dim level at other times (and of course only when it is dark).

solar panels

If they keep this up I’m buying more. Time will tell.


Solar 90 LED Motion Sensor Light

First item in the mailbag today – a solar powered 90 LED motion sensor wall light from Banggood –

At £37 this isn’t the price of your average garden light, but then it isn’t your average garden light. Yes, that’s 90 high intensity LEDs with movement sensing and 4 power settings and off, all controlled by a single tiny (hopefully) waterproof button.

Here’s the (miserable autumn Northeastern UK) daylight shot… mounted on my office wall…

Garden light

and the altogether more useful night-time shot…

Garden light

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