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Solar 30 LED Dual Head Light

I’ve had MANY solar lights in my garden over the years, sadly you won’t see that many today as some simply were not designed for the UK climate and had to go. Others lasted just fine but with inadequate light output. Yet others gave out enough light but due to crappy North Eastern England lack of bright sunshine, they too had to go.  This solar 30-LED rotatable dual-head light is the best I’ve seen in a  while – and now tested and in place outside.

Solar Light from Banggood

I’ve had a couple of units that met all the criteria and they are still in action today. I’ve also of course taken some of the best ones to our place in Spain. Today I received what looks like a winner from Banggood – a 30-LED job with movement detection and what looks like a more than adequate solar panel – in fact, what looks like a really GOOD solar panel. This unit had been in the box for weeks so I didn’t hold out much hope of a quick test but it is working just fine on test in my office!

Here’s the link:
Solar Power 30 LED Rotatable Dual Head --

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Solar Motion Sensor Light

Why am I using a stock photo here? Because the weather in our garden right now is pretty naff, that’s why. This is the latest sensor light I’ve picked up from Banggood as we settle back down into Willow Cottage after gutting the place (if you saw the state the long-term tenants left it in you’d know why I say gutting). But I digress – not only is this sensor light solid looking but right now (Early November 2018) Banggood are having yet another sale and this is CHEAP.

Solar Sensor Light

And here is the link -

Solar Power 20 LED PIR Motion Sensor Wall Light --

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