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ESCAM Solar Powered WIFI IP Camera

My new camera arrived recently from Banggood (links below) – marked as ESCAM Model YN88-WIFI-130W and with the simple name “Solar Camera”.

ESCAM Solar IP CameraThis section updated July 14, 2019: Unless I find out otherwise, I’m holding back on recommending this camera as it is not reliable. We’ve had great weather here in Southern Spain and the last 2 days have been particularly hot. The last time I used the camera was a couple of days ago, no problems, then tonight at 6pm, I started up the app to check the view on our hill. All worked perfectly. I handed my phone to my wife to take a look, the camera stopped working. I reset the phone as I did last time this happened a week ago – made no difference.

This happened last week, I reset the camera and all was well. No doubt the same will happen again but clearly this is no good for remote operation. I have two other (cheap) cameras which have not failed once in 2 years.Just checked again – nope, it’s staying off until I go poke it.

Right, the camera is in my office in front of me. Still nothing, access panel open, switch to off, then on, seconds later all is well. I can’t rely on this otherwise excellent camera as things stand.

End of update

Sizes, info and more pictures are in the links over the break, suffice it to say for now that this is a monster, running entirely off the sun and talking over WIFI. I’ve not plugged it in or physically connected it to anything. After being in transit for several weeks (thanks to a pretty useless courier mentioned elsewhere) and after getting only half an hour of sun yesterday, the camera came up straight away, IR lights running at full steam, it then lasted the night and was working perfectly this morning. I am well impressed.


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