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Spring Connector Wire Clamp Terminal Block

tmpABE4tmp8706This is just too good NOT to share. Now if you’re already using these, my apologies – but as some of you know I’ve been living in a cave for several years (ok, so it has Internet)…  anyway, like most old people, I use choc-block (shown on the right) ALL THE TIME for wiring just about everything. It is ok for mains wires, low voltage wires but a bit naff for things like LEDs and LDRs and other toys with thin leads, then there’s the other kind with bent metal inside which is good for thin leads but which you have to keep poking with a screwdriver.

And so it was that I was idling around in Ebay and I spotted these (shown on the left).

No, I didn’t get free samples and they’re not relatives and I haven’t spoken to anyone etc… I just spotted them on Ebay and took a chance and ordered 10 for £3 (free postage).

All I can say to you is – get your wallet out – and buy some – they are WONDERFUL.

So basically about the size of 2-part choc-block and they even have the mounting hole in the middle – this is push-to-fit choc-block.  It is equally happy with mains wire as it is a very delicate ORP-12 temperature sensor – this is a game-changer for me – at 30p a set it’s a no-brainer.

Next job is to make up a load of leads with these on the end – for power supplies, test kit etc… something else to make my life easy.