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Summer Migration

As Maureen and I start our summer migration to southern Spain, don’t expect anything new in here until around 17th – but of course – people are commenting constantly on various blog entries so I do hope you’re registered so you won’t miss anything.

I’m quiet excited, when we get to Spain, as well as the usual house-fixing chores, I have a new solar panel to fit (it is currently in the back of the car with a very expensive piece of plywood protecting it from several months-worth of “stuff” we’re talking over there. The plywood is likely to be re-purposed as a charging bench when I get there).

I’m looking forward to further delving into Espruino and the possibilities therein, I’ve more stuff to review and no doubt Antonio and I will continue to bring new developments to “the script” – which for the benefit of new readers is a comprehensive set of tools sitting on top of Debian/Raspbian/Ubuntu for working with IOT – most of which springs up from my original home control project.

I plan to do some more work with 433Mhz peripherals and RFLink and of course, sunbathing. Anyway, all of that to come – thanks for your recent contributions, I and no doubt others have learned a lot in the past few weeks, especially about making our SBC projects a bit more reliable.

For now, I’m about to go off on my travels and as you are no doubt aware, updating WordPress in the car is just – well, a non-starter really so if you’re expecting answers from me – a little patience please. Our trip will take 4 days in total, armed with cats and most of the gadgets I will need in the coming months.