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The Tattu Wall Charger

Full of excitement, I opened the mail this morning to find my shiny new TATTU wall charger from here

Tattu charger

The excitement took a momentary hit as  I soon discovered that my Qubot Note+ smartphone does not handle the high speed Quick Charge 3 option which would have been indicated on the front of the charger in green, instead I got the normal charging blue light.

Meanwhile I tested my wife’s HTC phone and sure enough, the charger’s green Quick Charge 3 light came straight on and her phone began rapid charge. MAGIC.

Not that long after, the phone was fully charged. Perhaps my Doogee Mix 2 will similarly charge quickly when it comes back from the repair shop.

When purchased in the UK the TATTU

unit comes complete with both UK and EU detachable plugs, is small and looks well made. In the US Amazon store they have the American version which will have a US mains plug.