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XANES B06 0.96" IPS Screen Smart Bracelet

Here’s yet another smart bracelet – the Xanes B06… I want to bring a couple of items to your attention about this pleasant but otherwise unremarkable bracelet.

Xanes B06

I received the orange version – the display is wide – and lovely – unlike some which use only a narrow area of the available space. This model has USB charging – and you simply remove the TOP half of the bracelet and attach the rest to any USB port. No lead required. Assuming a tight fit of the bracelet pieces I see no reason why the waterproof claim should not be valid. There are two available watch faces.

I do have questions about the claim (see ad) to do sleep monitoring, mentioned in the document but no sign on the watch and the docs so say that this will only show up in the app after a night’s sleep. Seems odd and in fact this morning though the app recorded my last sleep accurately, apparently I didn’t sleep last night.

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