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Xiaomi Mi 4 Smart band

Xiaomi Mi 4Updated August 24, 2019: On the surface of it the Xiaomi Mi 4 looks like it’s predecessor, the Mi3, but it is NOTHING like it. The original was/is a fine, mono display smart band which my wife LOVES, but the Mi 4 is a full colour model while still retaining several days battery life (20 according to Xiaomi and I will go along with that, the band has hardly been off my wrist for 11-12 days now (other than when swimming in the sea or taking showers  – I’m convinced it is waterproof as claimed but I’d rather not push my luck – I love the unit too much) and is still showing 60% battery charge. Xiaomi have provided us a much needed watch face library and this smart band also supports various independent watch-face libraries. I love it.

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