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Xiaomi Mi 4 Smart band

~On the surface of it the Xiaomi Mi 4 looks like it’s predecessor, the Mi3, but it is NOTHING like it. The original was a fine, mono display band which my wife LOVES, but THIS is a full colour job while still retaining several days battery life (20 according to Xiaomi) and giving us a much needed watch face library as well as various independent libraries. I love it.

Xiaomi Mi 4 bandDespite the manual coming entirely in Chinese, on opening the box, I noted a QR code inside the manual and scanning that with my Pocophone, which then loaded up the Mi Fit App. I let the band (or rather it’s detachable central module) charge for an hour before doing anything – just as well as all I got was Chinese output initially. Once Mi Fit was installed on my phone this was sorted automatically

I already have a MI account but signing up is easy. Once signed in, the band started to display in English – job done. No ECG or Oxygen levels in this one – indeed facilities are basic – but the quality is good. As soon as the watch had charge in it, both the app and the firmware updated to the latest versions.

Ah but this is merely the beginning… read further on for more general information and the link at the end has the technical info – but most importantly – the Mi 4 has custom watch faces both in the MIFit Application and third party sites…

Mi Band 4 Faces

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet

Last month, the mailbag brought a number of goodies including a new smart wrist band for Maureen, the Xiaomi MI Band  3, supplied by GearBest. Several weeks later, this little fitness band is in full time use, as Maureen absolutely loves it. The battery lasts a week or more between charges, which is far more than can be said for some other bands out there including pretty colour bands that are essentially useless because of short battery life – no such problems here.

Xiaomi MI

Here’s the link:

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet:

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