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ZeroPlus Logic Cube

tmpE089I recently took a look at the ZeroPlus Arduino Starter Kit – well, this logic analyser is not a starter version! This particular model, the Lap-C 322000 has 32 channels  and a bandwidth of 75Mhz. It has 64Mb memory, 2Mbit per-channel depth and is the top of the line in the LAP-C range.  The unit comes complete with manual, probes and hard case and works on USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 – Read on…

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Arduino for Beginners

ZeroPlusWe rarely cover projects for beginners in the blog and I guess that’s because most of the people I know who are into technology have been there for a while.  But as I found out when I first started getting into Linux a couple of years ago, it is awfully useful if you have a helping hand!

Only this morning we discussed a power supply which required some soldering – and that, when you think about it is not something a beginner is likely to have.  In this blog entry we’ll assume a brain, a computer and a little money to buy this kit – looks like a great Christmas present to me!  Read on…

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