Cheap Raspberry Pi

Now before you say anything – they don’t even know I’m writing this!!  Remember when I was in Chicago a while back (well, you’ll only remember if you’re a regular reader)… I bought a Pi Zero and a Raspberry Pi dirt cheap at somewhere called MicroCenter in Chicago.

Well they’re at it again.

So my question to British dealers is – when are you going to get your fingers out and offer us Brits deals like this – that’s £21 for a Raspberry Pi 2  all in…

I didn’t think so. PC World £29.99, Gearbest £27.28, Amazon £29.99 –


3 thoughts on “Cheap Raspberry Pi

  1. Micro Center is about the only retail store that can compete with the big internet retailers. After 8 years in Italy I REALLY miss Micro Center!

    1. I missed MC when move to other city that has no MC not very far distances

      I used to buy “cheap” AR motherboard combo

      yeah MC sell $30 for months since the release of pi 2.

      Finally, I bought Online for $35 total on MCM site when they had freeshipping

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