Christmas Already? SONOFF Goodies and WLED Lighting


Well, not quite and I always thought people put their lights up from December 1.. but, not to be left behind… thanks to WLED, Tasmota and my cheapy projector – it’s a start…. and if WLED interests you – check out the WLED MoonModules project. This post December 20, 2023 – updated Jan 2024 as SNZB-03P is now supported by Zigbee2MQTT.

My Xmas colour sequencing LEDS

But I digress – Sonoff (iTead) just sent me an unexpected present – to be clear, they send me products all the time – have done for years – I made it very clear a long time ago I’m not interested in commission or other commercial deals – and no guarantees the review will be good if the product isn’t. That rather frank statement hasn’t done me any harm as I keep getting new stuff to review and play with. And fair enough, most of the time, I love Sonoff products – indeed – their original Sonoff BASIC is also the basic setup module used in Tasmota – so I can’t be the only person who uses that original Itead product as a benchmark. Works for me.

You’ll note I recently wrote about their new(ish) SNZB-06P USB-powered presence detector which works a treat with Zigbee2MQTT.

And then the postman arrived with a big box too small for a computer or my yet to be reviewed new Algolaser laser engraver – I just had to stop everything to find out what it was. Certainly FEELS like Christmas…

Sonoff Xmas box

Looks like you could house a missile in there – but no… quite exciting…

Sonoff Christmasa goodies

No, I’m not going to show you me wearing the cute, padded soft-material travel neck pillow that came in the box – but here’s the rest – all wrapped in Christmas paper – I removed that – we all know what Christmas wrapping looks like… A very nice card hand-written from Sue and the Sonoff team, an interesting diary (now why would they think someone with a smartphone would use a paper diary) all in Chinese – nicely bound in black (presumably) pleather, not fixed to any year and full of “useful” dialling codes for China, conversion tables, a ruler, international clothes sizes (that IS useful), address book section, oh, 100+ pages for notes – and all Sonoff branded with a “Merry Christmas” on the front. I can always use a decent notepad. Nicely done.

Then there’s the Chinese puzzle you see above – fridge magnet it seems – ok – more stuff for the front of my fridge. Again, not a cheap paper throwaway – embossed material.

Then there’s the Sonoff-branded phone-stand and in the middle a palm-support.. my neighbour now has these as I already have a similar stand and the palm rest is ideal for right-handed people – I’m not one of them – but then I never told that to Sonoff… and at the BACK:


Two new sensors I’d not even heard off – the soon-to-be-released new SNZB-04P Zigbee door sensor set and the SNZB-03P Zigbee Motion Sensor – which unlike the SNZB-06P is NOT USB-powered – and it’s a little longer – the head shape is slightly different and something inside is rattling. Took me a while to figure out how to separate the front and back to find out what the rattle is and look for a battery. I have to say I like the magnetic mount common to the 03P and 06P.

In case you stumble on this – erm no – thats the old 03, not the new 03P. Very little info out there right now on the 03P as it is brand new…. Anyway you hopefully saw it here first. More when I find out more – likely VERY soon. The device has a QR code for adding to the eWeLink APP if that’s how you’d use it – took seconds – hit + then SCAN and point to the QRcode – done.. Ok I figured it out battery access, the back simply turns and inside after tightening properly there’s a monster CR2477 battery in there.

Will this brand new sensor work with Zigbee2MQTT yet? Yes (Jan 2023 updates to Zigbee2MQTT) – the SNZB-06P was quick to appear on Zigbee2MQTT so that’s no surprise. I have an file in the /opt/zigbee2mqtt folder – I just used THIS update link minutes ago – note I had to START Zigbee2MQTT after the script finished.

ZNZB-03P and SNZB-04P

I’ll check that Zigbee2MQTT over the christmas – also – soon to follow up – SNZB-04P. I’m off for a few days at the coast then I’ll be back with more new stuff…


8 thoughts on “Christmas Already? SONOFF Goodies and WLED Lighting

    1. Hi Peter,
      My problem is my not “smart” wife.
      I’m allowed to automate anything I like, but there has to be a switch for her to operate.
      I have an unbranded dimmer at the moment, which has decided it doesn’t want to on-line all the time, so her manual control is the only thing that works that light at the moment.

      1. Took me quite some time to talk my wife into using her phone to control stuff – so I also added Aqara Zigbee battery-powered touch switches on the wall so they look like normal switches but still goes through Node-Red. I had to tape the original wall switches to stop them getting turned off. Need some blanking plates. I have to say she’s now getting pertty good at using the phone. I also have Hey Google – but you can’t count on that – if the broadband dies – no Google or Alexa. About time those companies came up with at least minimal offline voice options.

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