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I’ll be back at my writing desk toward the end of this week, once I recover from the transatlantic flight mid-week – back to the UK via Amsterdam. Meanwhile I’ve just been reading the pre-Christmas gadget hype, it seems we now have phones with 5 cameras (putting to shame my 3-camera Pocophone F1 – though it does have the redeeming feature of easily capturing 4K video), AI and 6.2” height, Android 9 (and soon, Android Q).

Merry Christmas

I’ve spend much of our short trip to the USA making myself jealous about the wide availability of 80+ inch 4K TVs in the stores here and doing my best to keep up with the ever expanding range of ready-made IOT gadgets over here, not all of which are readily available worldwide.

By way of making myself feel better, I just bought another Amazon Dot device to add to our collection, nothing new there except the price, a staggeringly low $19 (£15) in the Black Friday sales. When I get back I expect a small army of new toys will be waiting to be reviewed and shortly thereafter I hope to be looking at a new Android-9-based 4K Media Box and other new gadgets. That and a spot of painting and decorating should keep me busy through the holiday period.

Over here in the USA, Christmas has been in full commercial swing for some time now, I expect to see the same non-stop relentless commercial hype in the UK a little closer to the actual time if it hasn’t already started. Hopefully regular readers will manage a little time to look into the blog over the holidays, I’ll be doing my best to add new and interesting material, starting very soon and I look forward to your feedback.

Meanwhile, a very merry Christmas to all blog readers.


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  1. Android 9 has only been out a few weeks so I can’t see you getting Android 10 (Q) any time “soon” peter! Expect it to arrive next August’ish for the Pixel devices first then maybe a few weeks later it might arrive on other devices.

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