Condenser Microphone Kit from Banggood

Thanks to some Covid-related postal delays this turned up later than expected but as it turns out, the mic is a winner so here’s the link – Banggood did their best to ship this earlier in the summer – but ultimately this microphone kit arrived with some other gear last week instead of a month or two ago. Regardless, as you’ll see below, this is now my go-to microphone for blogging and conferencing. Don’t expect a full review of the features yet – I could (jokingly) use the clapping and audience cheering features but mainly I was after a quality microphone setup for my notoriously audio-ruining office for my YouTube videos and chats to friends all over the world.

Microphone kit from Banggood

And there it is, fully assembled and hanging off my shelf (permanently). The mic itself is a lovely gold colour but of course has a foam cover over that – I may yet remove the cover as there is no need for a wind shield. The mixer part will get a nice spot on my desk as soon as I get a moment to clear off some other stuff – right now I have no room to “swing a cat”.

Mixer kit

The mixer has the title VX8 Pro but I’m not aware of branding on either the mic or mixer – but you have the Banggood link above where you can get all the technical specs. I’ve included an image of their latest ad on the subject as the kit appears to be on offer. Suffice it to say it’ll be here for some time as it sounds even better than the mic on my recently reviewed (and in regular use) OSBOT Tiny camera – presumably as it is closer to me.

Though not obvious in the photos, the new mic is no more than 30cm away from my head when I’m at my desk – yet doesn’t seem to get in the way.

Note that the Banggood ad refers to “Live Studio Sound Card” – in reality as you can see, it isn’t a card but a stand-alone mixer box – and quite pretty with it. I’ve done some tests – VERY clear sound and of course you have bass and treble control.

And now, I spent quite some time on Google MEET with a UK tech specialist pal of mine yesterday – and the first thing he said was “Your sound is spot-on” as I sat maybe 25cm away from this new mic (mounted on the shlef above my desk as shown) – (I’ve taken off the foam wind shield). In the past we’ve had issues with muffled sound, echoing etc on Logitech camera mics – my OSBOT camera mic is good but this is even better – so if he complements my choice of microphone … ok, it’s got the job. My pal even commented that the cheering sounded quite real as if people actually were in the background.


6 thoughts on “Condenser Microphone Kit from Banggood

  1. What I’d *really* like to see (hear) is a short demo with the new mic and your previous setup — maybe 20 seconds or so on each so we can hear the difference!

  2. I think I would be unable to resist constantly mashing the “oh no” button in meetings.

    This thing looks very interesting, I’ve kind of been wanting a mixer panel.

    1. I’m with you 100%. I spend much of my working career as IT Director of a major UK business support organisation, attending constant, somewhat boring, largely unproductive meetings. I’d have loved nothing more than to have control over the “oh, no” and other effects. You triggered me into adding short video demo…

      1. I swear I recognize that “oh no” sound clip but I can’t quite place it. I want to say it was used in a game I played when I was a kid, but can’t for the life of me remember.

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