Deceitful Advertising

Sometimes I wonder what has happened to trading standards in the Internet age. Today it is apparently perfectly ok to lie through your teeth when advertising, particularly when you can later hide behind the language barrier.

See particularly bollocks advert here at AliExpress. They don’t do themselves or  us any favours allowing rubbish like this…

  5v 6amp means 30w, not 40w as claimed and how can the output be fixed at 5v when the unit also claims to support Quickcharge 3?  Utter waste of time.


7 thoughts on “Deceitful Advertising

  1. I always lament this with batteries. Those cheap red EBC branded lithium rechargeables you can get off Amazon have impossible ratings like 5000 mAh or more. They’re actually pretty respectable at ~1500-1800 mAh when I’ve measured them, I don’t get why they inflate the numbers so much, nor how they get away with it.

    1. Yes, batteries are another of my gripe hobbyhorses also. There is no such thing as a 5AH 18650 battery but the claims keep coming. I was going to say 2000mAH tops but you beat me to it. As for the second-hand laptop battery market on EBay, for a while that was good until greed took over. Now a small number of people dominate that area with overpriced product.

    2. best i’ve seen was 12000mAh for a single 18650….. oh yeah. could multiply the milage on my e-scooter by at least 5 😀

  2. I’ve just had precisely the same problem looking for a decent pico projector. All of them claim to be 1080P. Of course none of them have 1080P native resolution but you have to sort through 3 pages to find the actual resolution. Since when is 640×360 considered high definition?

  3. I kinda like it 🙂 Because usually you can estimate what you will get (despite what’s advertised). And THEN, you can claim seller for the misinformation and ask for full refund – this is only way I see how we can teach these bastards to advertise correct specs.

    1. It’s a shame because there are also a lot of hard working honest traders out there.

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