Deerma VC20 Ultra Light Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Ok, I know this isn’t strictly high tech – but I promised Maureen I’d get her a new vacuum from China and here it is – the Deerma VC20 Ultra Light Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This neat cordless vacuum just arrived, having been (almost) delivered at the start of January JUST after we went off to the USA on holiday – for reasons beyond me our local post office sent it back to Parcelline and I had them re-deliver today. I like it and so does Maureen with the caveat that it does not seem well suited to THICK carpets and cat hair. For the ceiling however (cobwebs and spiders), wood floors and around the side of cookers, bathroom cupboards etc, Maureen is already in love as she has a little trouble with her thumbs and this lightweight vacuum is no problem to point up at the ceiling, especially with one of the smaller heads. It does a cracking job and the 2-speed motor is relatively quiet. The unit costs around £61 sterling

Deerma vacuum

There are plenty of high quality photos on the Banggood site (link above) so instead I’ll give you my less than perfect but certainly not staged images. I hope this is of some interest.

Deerma box contents

Setup and operation is self-explanatory – just as well as the manual came in Chinese. The ad claims it can be used in the car. That’s next as soon as it stops raining.

Composited photos


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    1. Well she probably gets sick to death about me talking about ESP8266 and Raspberry Pi and other tech kit so I thought it was about time to pick something she’s more familiar with or might find useful hence the vacuum and various smartbands I’ve written about.

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