Diamond USB Wine Cork Light

As far as simple gimmicks go, this new one is a “corker”. As many of you know, I’m a sucker for LED gadgets and have them all over the place. The full title for this winner is (corrected English spelling) “Colourful Diamond Shape USB Rechargeable Wine Cork LED Bottle Light”. Good gimmick or WHAT??

 Cork lights

For my first experience, my neighbour Karin introduced me to the little white LED cork lights  – thin “rice wire” LEDs powered by 3 little batteries, in the form of a cork, complete with 1M or LEDs and suitable for empty clear wine bottles. Next, we discovered the same thing with 2 metres of wire and full colour, firstly red, green, yellow and blue. The novelty of changing batteries every day or two soon wore off as you can imagine. Learning curve three took us to solar powered versions with magenta, blue, yellow and green lights.

Cork lightsAside from having a stupid not-really waterproof switch on the side and a cork not the same shape as most wine bottles, this proved to be a winner. I have 6 wine bottles kitted out all over the place and now the entire neighbourhood is following suite – we ALL have them. What better way, given the powerful Spanish summer sunshine (or even the more lacklustre UK summer sunshine), to utilise empty wine bottles?

Cork lightsWell, as it happens, there IS another way – and THIS IS IT. You don’t even need the SUN. The subject of this blog entry is a USB-rechargeable cork with a diamond-shape light on the top and a white light to go inside any colour of bottle – now I don’t even have to recycle the GREEN wine bottles!!! AND instead of plastic, the variety of cork light featured here uses real cork – so a great fit to a typical wine bottle.

In case your next question is “price?” – these are DIRT cheap and good fun. I need MORE. New spelling for “manual” – “manule”.

Colourful Diamond Shape USB Rechargeable Wine Cork LED Bottle Light –

More LED Night Lights –


10 thoughts on “Diamond USB Wine Cork Light

  1. They’re really cool. I’ve bought one.

    The only problem is… it will be purely for decorative purposes on an empty, clear glass bottle as I’ve yet to find the need for a wine bottle stopper…. the concept of needing to re-seal a bottle of wine as it is clearly one serving, just as a packet of crisps is one serving…

    We bought a hand made wooden handled bottle stopper from an art gallery a couple of years back – the wood was recovered from one of Nelson’s historic battleships… a lovely piece of history… it has never seen a bottle of wine in our tenure… it is no more than an ornament.

    However… LEDs are cool so I look forward to receiving my geeky cork.

    Cheers Pete … you rarely fail at tempting me to spend more money on random chinese electronics – my wallet would be so much heavier to carry around had I never discovered this blog 🙂

    Keep up the great work and enjoy the Spanish summer and take care of yourself 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t dream of preserving wine with it, I’m one of those “I’ve started so I’ll finish” types when it comes to wine. More a case of “more un-necessary garden lights” to quote someone who shall not be mentioned. You can never have too many un-necessary garden lights” imho.

      1. I am so glad we’re both on the same page with regard to the ‘mastermind’ approach 🙂

        We’ve not got any garden lights – never mind any unnecessary ones. I’m quite clearly behind the curve on this and urgently need to play catch-up!

        1. Even if you have no garden, as long as you drink wine from clear bottles, that’s a good enough excuse to buy pretty cork LED lights. Avoid the battery ones or you’ll end up spending your life changing batteries. Solar or USB rechargeable are good – and cheap.

          1. …and if you don’t drink wine from clear bottles, these lights are exactly the opportunity you are looking for to get started……HIC

            I am mostly a red wine man myself but I know gin is popular these days and that often comes in nice bottles where these lights could be used to good effect.

  2. Sold!
    But I would really like to add a sensor to my AIO Wine Saver cap to measure the quality of the vacuum over time.
    With MQTT. And Bluetooth alerts.
    “Because everything (even wine) is better with Bluetooth”


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