Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

Not so much a stunning new development as a quick Christmas gimmick, this one. Well, I had to have one.

Alcohol tester

This pocket gadget should not be used for medical purposes – more for having a laugh this Christmas – and that’s something we should be doing lots of. So here’s the reference… stone, cold sober – I’ve has no alcohol for days and it shows in a reading of 0.00%

This pocket gadget takes a pair of AAA batteries and is easy to use. The unit has 4 buttons and two displays. The upper display runs constantly and shows the actual time and ambient temperature. The second display, once you breath onto the device, momentarily shows % BAC and g/l alcohol.


The reading you see above is value 0 in each case as I’ve had nothing to drink (and as it happens, very little to eat since getting off the plane this morning).

And now, two hours later after a couple of large glasses of wine, 2g/l – 2% BAC

O course, what all of that means varies from person to person and the limits when driving vary from country to country. The manufacturer provides this information with the unit while making it clear that the breathalyser and instructions are for entertainment only. The unit is small and light, small enough to take to the pub in fact.

Here’s the Banggood link:

PFT-661S LCD Digital Breathalyser Alcohol Tester —
More Measurement Instruments–


2 thoughts on “Digital Breath Alcohol Tester

  1. Are you sure it is accurate in any way shape or form?
    When measured in mg/100ml (also known as Promile or ‰BAC) – popularly used by the Police in the USA – current UK drink drive limit would be displayed as 0.80 or 080.
    So you were 2.5 times over the limit.
    Just how large were those bottles sorry glasses?

    1. Probably very large v- actually by the time I was done it was probably nearer to a bottle than a couple of glasses – and being at home I had no requirement to ponder any legal limits – as for the device – probably not VERY accurate – it’s a fun gadget, not a scientific instrument.

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