DIL Adaptor for ESP07 and ESP12

So what started me off on this journey which led to a kluge fix for the ESP SDK 1.01 (YES!!) was a parcel which appeared yesterday from Baoshi (which in Chinese means “gem stone”) containing 2 of his ESP-07 ESP-2 adaptor boards which he very kindly sent me.

ESP adaptor boardThe boards come complete with the LUA code so you can use them out of the box but me being me I wanted me own software on there and so set my FTDI to 3v3, applied 5v power to the board and off I went… when my code didn’t work – I started to investigate and another blog here explains what happened – the end result – problem solved, nothing to do with the board but with the size of my code and the difference between the ESP-01, ESP-07 and ESP-12 boards (more FLASH in the latter – at least in the ones I have – LOTS more). Click on the image on the left for a larger version of the adaptor board with an ESP-07 on it.

ba0sh1.comSo where does that leave these adaptors? I think they are great – especially if you are working on 0.1” breadboard because what you end up with is a device you can plug straight into the breadboard complete with regulator and rather neat reset button – press quickly – you get a reset, press slowly (over 1 second) and you end up in programming mode!! The regulator and various passives are on the underside of the board so all in you have a very neat solution that is not much wider than the original ESP-07 and yes that’s a standard FTDI connection on the left. Here’s the website link. The diagram for the reset circuit and more is all on the site.  At the very end of the board, separated from all else is the ground and +5v (or more) connection. The board came complete with very comprehensive documentation as well…  schematic and board files are all available and there was a link included to a rather handy serial terminal that lets you look at that 78k baud crap that comes out of the boards at power on.. http://www.compuphase.com/software_termite.htm