DSO338 Handheld Oscilloscope 30MHz Bandwidth

The DSO338 pocket size scope turned up for me this morning and a lovely little job it is.

Pocket Sope

I don’t think I’ll be ditching my 4-channel XDS3104E Owon scope but for Arduino and such like, this should do the job nicely, especially when I’m travelling as it has a built-in Lithium battery.

The unit comes with probe lead, 8 sides of English instruction and a USB charging lead. I didn’t do unpacking shots as the packaging was adequate but not visually interesting unlike the scope itself which looks really nice.


Here’s the spec:

  • 30Mhz bandwidth
  • 200M sampling rate
  • 2/4” IPS screen 320×240
  • 64M built-in storage
  • 3000maH Lithium battery

and the Banggood link: https://goo.gl/VshXsw

My unit powers up as “Aarontek DSO Nano Pro” and all the text comes up in English except the “auto” button – I assume the display says “Auto” in Chinese but then I don’t speak Chinese. Everything else is ok. The probe has 1x and 10x and there’s a matching button below the screen. I don’t yet know how long the battery lasts on a charge but it is claimed as 3000maH and the manufacturers claims 10 hours of operation. Day and Night modes are handy. That’ll do me.

On test

Here above is the little scope being fed with a 1Mhz square wave from my Feeltech signal generator.

The ad claims “the most convenient oscilloscope in the world” and with 200Mbps sampling rate I think it is going to get well used in my office. The usual triggering functions are all there and maximum storage is 2000 waveform images.

Measurement range is good, at 1x the probe can read 0-40v, at 10x 40-800v

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5 thoughts on “DSO338 Handheld Oscilloscope 30MHz Bandwidth

    1. If you look at the main board there is a AD9288 chip. This is a (up to) 100MSPS dual A/D so I imagine it can interleave to get 200MSPS. They probably use this instead of the built in A/D of the ST chip.

  1. I received the Oscilloscope, but I am afraid to use for 120v AC. Do you think it would work?

  2. Wow that’s actually pretty good if it really delivers those specs. Handheld scopes are useful even if you have a bench scope because they are isolated from mains. Have you hooked it up to your signal generator to see if it lives up to its ratings?

    1. I have hooked it up but not tested the ratings. Using x10 mode, a 1 Meg sq wave works a treat, above that it drops in voltage and becomes less square. Not got my big scope handy to see which drops off first, thw sig gen or the little scope.
      But then a square wave at 1Mhz implies several times that bandwidth.

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