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Eachen from TomTopFirst reviews of 2019 coming up… starting with the Eachen WIFI-IR Universal Remote (touted as Sonoff but it isn’t Sonoff).

This inexpensive unit needs USB power to run and comes with it’s own microUSB cable – the assumption being that you have spare USB supplied lying around (not a good start). The cable in fact was too short for testing (pointless testing it in the office so I took it into the living room where the TV sits – and hence the remote controls it has to emulate).


Eachen remote IRI got off to a good start as the unit recognised my Android 9-powered Pocophone F1 almost immediately and paired with it using the freely-downloadable “Smart Life” app. As recommended I added the Smart IR unit, paired it to my phone (easily) and began adding IR remotes to it. Incidentally, at this point I should say the unit claims compatibility with Alexa, Google and IFTTT.

I’m comparing this to my everyday “One For All” remotes which seem to learn just about anything.


Despite having storage for countless TVs and TV boxes including Medion devices, the Eachen remote would not acknowledge my Medion TV remote – completely ignored it. The remote is able to handle various Medion models according to the booklet but it would not take mine. I resolved to using the DIY learning option and the remote accepted the keys I gave it, no problem.

Eachen WiFi-IR Universal Remote Control

Next hurdle, my TV box – the H96 Max Plus I reviewed earlier – https://tech.scargill.net/h96-max-plus-usb-3-tv-box/

At this point, things went downhill. As I wrote at the time I did not like the simple remote that came with the H96 (missing functionality) and went out and bought a better one. All standard 38Khz stuff. I tried BOTH of these nameless remotes on the Eachen “Universal” Remote to no avail, it simply would not acknowledge them in DIY mode. As, for me, the point of a universal remote is to replace existing remotes, the unit fails my usability test. As the second was purchased independently of the H96, it is clearly operating on standard 38Khz frequencies. However, the Eachen was not having either.

Also, on the buttons to my TV which did work, there is no haptic feedback built into the APP and hence it becomes impossible to watch TV and press buttons at the same time. What WERE the designers thinking of?

I’m pretty sure that people with different remote controls will have a different, possibly better experience but for me, this was a (granted inexpensive) failure.

I think I’ll stick with the “ONE FOR ALL”.


2 thoughts on “Eachen WiFi IR Universal Remote

  1. Having followed your home automation with “TheScript” and Node Red, I also follow DrZzs (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7G4tLa4Kt6A9e3hJ-HO8ng). And he uses the broadlink RM mini – https://goo.gl/3V7MtR which might be another alternative? He mentions the app on the phone is not rated good, but then again he used “Home Automation” and Tasmota, whereas you use primarily Node-Red, and TheScript. However, maybe you can take a look and see if it can be adapted to your needs?

  2. AAAAAAAAND, an other one bites the dust! Tasmotized this one, too, using Tuya-Convert (latest 2.3 version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dt5-iZc4_qU ), then once put in my network i moved from stock tasmota in tuya convert folder to thehackbox minimal and the finally to tasmota-IR.bin file, ad hoc firmware for infrared devices… works good, i’m happy 🙂

    template: https://templates.blakadder.com/eachen-IR-DC6.html

    latest tasmota has update IR libs (“Update IRremoteESP8266 lib updated to v2.7.2”), too: https://github.com/arendst/Tasmota/blob/development/tasmota/CHANGELOG.md#8103-20200106

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