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I’m quite excited this morning, had an email from Kamil Baczkowicz – could I please try the latest beta of MQTT-SPY – I’ve been encouraging him to add graphing for the MQTT input as even Node-Red doesn’t do this out of the box.. sure enough he’s cracked it. Here’s a working example, I have my DS18b20 running so that it returns the temperature from my little ESP8266 board every 5 seconds. I got up this morning, loaded the new BETA of MQTT-SPY and…

graphing MQTT

Don’t ask me why my DS18B20 started varying by 2 degrees this morning (after being on all night) then settling at 20c – I have no idea what it’s playing at.

What more could you want (I know, lots). Simply right click the incoming stream and you have your graph with options to show everything up to the last 24 hours. I’m sure more is on the way. I just keep getting more impressed by the fast, simple package. It’s a .JAR file incidentally so whatever operating system you’re on you’ll need JAVA installed but that seems to be pretty universal except (and I’ve never figured out why) the mobile operating systems such as Android. If anyone figures out how to get this working on an Android tablet, you will be my best friend ever if you report back in here.


3 thoughts on “Easy MQTT Graphing

  1. Hi, I have the same problem with temp and humidity dropping from time to time on my DHT22 connected to the ESP-01 module. The CRC look ok but I don’t know why the temp is wrong with 1 or 2 degrees.

    1. Well I guess the averaging software is essential… I’m going to come up with the integer version however.

      1. Averaging last three values will help a bit, but I need to find why this is happening on Esp and not on arduino.

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