Electric Iron Soldering Kit

IronThis is much better… I’ve just received a complete “electric Iron Soldering Kit”. Here are links..  US: https://ebay.to/2Hs5tO2   UK: https://ebay.to/2ERnmQY

As some of you know, I am waiting to move into our new accommodation and meanwhile much of my tech kit is in cold storage – very frustrating. I have the loan (from my very kind friend Jonathan) of a soldering iron but no de-solderer and the iron is heavy, great for some prototyping, not so good for surface mount.

So I was very excited this morning to receive this kit which not only contains a nice thin, temperature controlled, mains powered 60w iron with base, sponge and a de-soldering gun but also spare tips of varying sizes, two sets of tweezers and a set of mini screwdrivers and various soldering aids. I could not have asked for more.


Included in the kit is solder and a pad for the included base, indeed, all in all, very comprehensive as seen in the photo above.All of this in a rugged case. I’m familiar with this design of temperature-controlled iron so I have no doubt it will work a treat. Very exciting.

Between that and my new chair, life is good. I hope you find the links above useful. I’ve done a short YouTube video to go with this but apologies in advance as the microphone that comes with my bluetooth Logitech headset is not all it might be.

Here’s a link to the short video I did on this…  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2Ay-zwV96k


3 thoughts on “Electric Iron Soldering Kit

    1. I'm looking for a replacement for my old 60W that is... well, not good enough. 😉 Mostly I'm using it for parts with "size" like gpio pins and similar.

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