ESP8266 New SDK Update 1.11

Another new update from Espressif today – and yes, I’ve downloaded it and given it a quick test.. here’s the link for those who are in the Espressif forum…

They have fixed a timer issue which could cause crashed, fixed a malloc issue and a memory leak as well as updating the JSON parser, updating the UART driver, made some changes to IRAM usage (more memory is always a good thing) and a lot more – it’s all in the release note in the zip file. To use, I simply renamed the original SDK folder (1.10), renamed the new folder and recompiled – voila.


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  1. I found this post but can't figure out how to get firmwate from this SDK to update my NodeMCU devboard (based on ESP8266). Can you point me in right direction?

  2. Hello Peter,

    I'm having trouble using the Espressif SDK. I tried to follow the instructions from CHERTS but I just can't get this to work, I get an error no matter what I try to compile(even the included examples - I changed the Makefiles to COM5 that I'm using). Are there more detailed instructions anywhere to make it work for windows other than the post in ESP8266 forums?

    So far I've been using Arduino IDE 1.6.4 that is a breeze to setup and use for simple things(just add a line to load the extra boards and select either generic ESP8266 with a few settings or ESP-12 without bothering for the settings at all). But I guess it might be limiting in some ways, and I'd prefer to use the Espressif SDK instead(and get to remember a bit of my C knowledge).

    Also, using in a stupid way one of my ESP-12Es(I just had stuck jumper wires through the holes) I probably destroyed its flash memory and I can't flash another firmware, I always get an error and I can't revive it even if I tried to flash the original AT 0.92 firmware(tried the python script, flashloader exe, flashing with Arduino IDE etc). It survived like 15 successful flashes or so fooling around with blink sketches etc. Not sure if it has such a crappy flash chip or it died because of a short if one of wires floating touched the wrong pin. Good thing they are really cheap, I might as well order 5-10 more since the remaining 4 might be dead in the next 30 days.

    Today I will try to solder jumper wires through all the holes on a new chip and hopefully this will last longer before it dies.

  3. Hi Peter,
    Did you noticed problems with connecting esp8266 module to access point in STA or AP+STA mode ?

    I've been testing the following SDK versions:


    With all the versions above my esp-01 module has a problem connecting to the AP. I'm getting the following log
    when trying to connect:

    f -240, scandone

    After switching back to SDK ver. esp_iot_sdk_v1.0.1_b1_15_04_02 my application connects without problems.
    Any clue ?

    Best Regards,
    Grzegorz Rajtar

    1. No we borrowed the ESPHTTPD code and it is working fine - also now we've pushed the web pages up to the top of memory out of the way 78000 I think.... we did have issues with delays resetting the board using the new SDK (we're using 1.1.1 now) but when we got rid of the delays, all the problems went away.

      1. Hello,

        Recently I have discovered that the source of my issues was too long sleep in the user task:

        static void ICACHE_FLASH_ATTR
        user_procTask(os_event_t *events)
        ... custom code ...

        //task switching
        system_os_post(user_procTaskPrio, 0, 0 );
        os_delay_us(1000000); //this delay caused all the problems with connecting, value below 500000 is fine

        Now even with SDK 1.1.2 everything works fine, faster.

        Best Regards,
        Grzegorz Rajtar

    1. This is way too general a question.

      If you mean as part of the the software that comes with that board, you'll have to talk to the NodeMCU people.

      If you are doing your own coding using the NodeMCU as just another ESP board, then that's simple you simply grab the SDK and use that instead of the older one - but without knowing what software you are doing, a straight-forward answer is not possible.

  4. The above comment was an effort in solving the issue bellow .
    Please help me out
    My android phone never connects to my nodeMCU in AP mode
    it keeps on connecting and disconnecting , it connects to laptops fine though , I went through many forums and many of them said its an issue with SDK of ESP used in the firmware , but for some reason many users who are not using nodeMCU but only ESP are able to connect their android /ios phones , please help me out there , there seems no solution anywhere else online
    If this is a bug with the Firmware please fix it asap
    I m current using nodeMCU v1.0 and NodeMCU 0.9.6 build