ESP8266 SDK v1.0.0 Out Now

esp8266 v1.0.0The new esp8266 SDK v1.0.0 is out now including various optimisations and a half-decent English manual. How far we have come since only a few short months ago when the code was full of bugs and the English documentation almost non-existent. Today you can get paid to report bugs!!

According to Espressif…  they have fixed various bugs including “interrupt during flash erasing causing wdt reset”, read and write issues with RTC memory, reconnects.. they have added API code to update the cpu frequency, set a mac address filter during “sniffer” and set which interface the UDP broadcast is sent from.

ESP8266Various optimisations included smartconfig, AT updates, PWM and much more.

So does it work? Is if going to give you headaches? I have just downloaded the lot and set my printer off on the 96 page SDK document.. I renamed the original SDK directory in the ESPRESSIF folder structure and added in the new one – I compiled the MQTT code I’ve been working with – and voila – failed – then I realised I’ve added a macro in there (digitalWrite) – which if nothing else proves it was trying to compile the new version) – I fixed the missing macro and the whole thing works – I’ve not had time to extensively test my code but the compilation process works flawlessly and a quick test of my code suggests all is well.

For those still using the AT code, AT+CIPSTATUS now returns the right code!!! the wdt no longer resets on connect failure and much more – it’s all in their blog. Here’s the Espressif BBS link but you’ll need a free account..  You can even now many money for reporting new bugs – perhaps Microsoft should consider this.

Update August 2016: We are now up to SDK v2.0.0 and the SDK goes from strength to strength – well worth downloading the documents from Espressif.


2 thoughts on “ESP8266 SDK v1.0.0 Out Now

  1. Thanks for the feedback on your trial of the SDK 1.0. I was going to wait for Mikhail to add it to his windows SDK setup, but you’ve inspired me to just switch the SDKs around too.


  2. I spoke too soon – Mikhail’s updated the windows dev package: SDK to 1.0.0, and has more examples, including the ESP8266_Relay_Board.

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