ESP8266 Start up Crap

I’m pretty pleased with my ESP8266 developments so far. Ditching Lua was a good move as I’m no longer tied for resources… there is however one major annoyance that I’ve not seen a cure for…

When you power up the board, in the ESPRESSIF rom there is some setup info – along the lines of…


See that garbage at the top – that is something like 76Kbaud debug material at the start, then everything up to “connected with loft-east”. If anyone has discovered a way to turn that off – please do let me know. I’m assuming it is in the binary files and beyond our reach.


3 thoughts on “ESP8266 Start up Crap

  1. The so called start up crap on my system is only seen at 115200 baud as that appears to be the default for startup for outputting the debug data. After that point the module reverts to what you set it to last time you used ie After a power cycle. The AT+RST also does a watchdog test ie by halting & expecting the watchdog reset to cut in. Nice module, looking for a way to telnet into it, load a program into unused serial flash & have it execute in some linked way after leaving the telnet session. So there must be some form of pre-emptive task switched os in the 8266 ie. So I can run a task that gets a number, processes, formats & dumps it in 8266 ram so it can be read out by a http request to the 8266 in server mode but, other things in queue, thanks

  2. Why not use 74880 baud rate? Then you will see meaninfful info at boot time. 74880 is fast enough for most comms, I now use it as my standard rate.

    Can’t get a terminal console to run at 74880? I use Cool Term Win.
    How did I get it to run at 74880? You can add non-standard baud rates to CoolTerm by using a simple baudrates.ini file, see here :-

  3. AFAIK those messages come.from ROM, not from firmware files we load to flash. You will get that garbage when there are problems loading anything from flash. Esspresiff tels us that there is no way to turn them off and it seems to be likely.

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