Espressif ESP-EYE Board

I remember reading, less than a month ago, a blog entry called “The Mysterious ESP-ESP-EYEEYE" in which it is stated that there is no information on the Espressif site on this interesting little camera module. Well, I’ll correct that – there most certainly is now and here’s the link.

The ESP-EYE module is a little PCB with a camera and an ESP-32. Rather than print potentially out-of-date info here, I’ll just point you in the right direction for those interested. Here is a link for ordering info, the ESP-EYE Getting Started Guide and the ESP-EYE Reference Design notes all in one place. The ordering info is dated TODAY (Jan31, 2019) and the others are a few days old.

The ESP-EYE has the ESP-32, 2 Megapixel camera, microphone, 7MB of PSRAM and 4Mbyte of Flash. The ESP-EYE supports image transmission over WIFI and debugging through a micro-USB port.

And here it is..


There are also three buttons and an on-board 3D antenna..

More soon. At first glance this is looking like another really-committed-users first job – the Getting Started Guide refers to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Having a “play” involves setting up Eclipse or similar, the toolchain and ESP-IDF from Espressif – I was hoping to have a play without having to compile anything but that’s not looking too likely right now.


12 thoughts on “Espressif ESP-EYE Board

  1. Looks like a rework of the M5Stack ESP32 Camera Module OV2640 Type-C Camera Development Board ATF.
    See eBay item #192591918635 £10.10 and no 8 week lead time.

  2. TTGO has a new one too that packs a camera (with options for standard and fisheye lenses), PIR sensor, pressure/temp/humidity (BME280) and an OLED for around $20. I ordered one a couple weeks ago, still waiting for it to show up.

    Interested in combining it with one of those low resolution thermal cameras to make the ultimate multisensor person detector.

          1. And Kevin Hester did the heavy lifting and wrote a nice Arduino IDE library to use the thing for simple RTSP streaming, e.g. using VLC.



            Am waiting currently for Chinese New Year to be over to buy one of those TTgo ones with a fish-eye lens. I'll put it in an enclosure with a clear plastic cover to be used as an outdoors I-don't-care-if-it-breaks hummingbird cam.

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