Espressif SDK 1.2.0

smileyJust today a new release of the SDK from Espressif along with a patch.   I note they have brought back the watchdog controls. Tried it on our code and up to now it’s absolutely fine. Still no sign of the PWM_STOP() function I’m waiting for however.

There is a one-liner remark about memory optimisation. I can’t swear to it but I’m fairly sure I noted a marked drop in the amount of RAM used… the limiting factor for me for a while has been .text space and that was as high as 0x7c00 at one point – a bit of a worry as it only goes up to 0x8000. However between finally getting different types of array into FLASH and the updates I’m now down to 0x744e which is a lot more healthy! See the Espressif forum (downloads) for a complete list of changes.


8 thoughts on “Espressif SDK 1.2.0

  1. What about peer to peer communication(WiFi Direct)? Does ESP8266 support this ? I know documentation mentions that it supports but there is no clue how I can implement it? Can you give me suggestion?

    Thank you.

    1. See the Espressif site – mesh networking – more people enquire the faster we’ll get English docs and when we do I’ll experiment and report in here.

      1. I too am interested in WiFi Direct! From my research, it looks like the ESP8266 can act as a soft AP but cannot create a Wi-Fi Direct group

        1. Espressif have released a WIFI mesh – but no English documentation yet. Also in the ESP-Arduino environment (I have not tried this example) there is a direct unit-to-unit example I THINK.

    2. Just an update for anyone still reading this – 1.3.0 came out this morning – RAM savings and lots besides – well worth checking the readme.

      1. It is worth noting that Martin Harizanov believes there is a RAM resource issue with 1.20 and 1.30 – something to do with resources not being released quickly enough. I noted that John Lee from Espressif (@EspressifSystem on Twitter) says the team is onto this one. So I’d be keeping an eye out.

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