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tmp5882I could have sworn I wrote about these – but apparently not! Anyway… the Espresso Lite ( is a small board based on the ESP Vroom02 module and the board concentrates on the prototyping 0.1 loving community – a good thing !!  I have one of these sitting in front of me – about the only negative thing I would say is, a few extra grounds and power connections would have been nice.

So you have potential connectors for a standard FTDI (I never understand the logic of including chips to handle USB when the thing may only be programmed a couple of times) with very clearly marked buttons for flash, reset and a “user” button.

There really is not a lot to say, connectors for everything which you can fit or not as you prefer, a decent size 3v3 regulator underneath along with level conversion and various resistors, hence keeping the top of the board clean looking – and it is generally a nice board. Now, when you go off to the site, be wary – the price does not include post and that may or may not be a deal breaker depending where you live. They do provide added value in terms of a cloud service and IOS and Android Apps. You might want to check this out.. – at the time of writing (2nd January) it seems they are still in the testing phase.

Kind of strange that they used surface mount components throughout – then a normal LED!!??!! See diagram below – if only everyone else did such clear graphics..



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  1. Yes I did think of that as it is an ESP8266 at the end of the day and presumably when I’m done messing with it I can put their software back on.

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