ET8134 4.7-inch Large LCD Screen Smart True RMS Digital Multimeter

ET8134 Multimeter

Last week, I got an ET8134 4.7-inch Large LCD Screen Smart True RMS Digital Multimeter in the post. I’ve not had a new meter in a while so I was quite interested to open this up – having seen the ads. For reasons which will be obvious when you see the stock photo on the right, I’d read this as having two screens – that’s what I get for jumping in without thinking. The red “live” was in fact just for dramatic effect.

I believe this rugged meter is on offer until April 30, 2021.

That notwithstanding, there’s nothing wrong with the ET8134 which comes complete with a 15-page English user manual (which is also downloadable from Banggood’s site).

I’m struggling to figure out the actual brand name as the top of the meter says “Tootop” but on the back of the removeable, flexible cover is “Tese”. As you’ll see on the above link, the meter is described as “ET8134 4.7-inch Large LCD Screen Smart True RMS Digital Multimeter Automatic + Manual Measure Resistance Diode Capacitance Temperature Frequency Test” and looks good as an all-in-one meter.

The ET8134 looks to me to be pretty much drop-proof – not only that but it’s a good fit for my slightly larger than average hands. The meter takes a set of two (not supplied) AAA batteries (I much prefer that to meters that use 9v batteries as I always have a large supply of decent Energiser AAAs to feed my need for remote controls around the house). One button on the top turns the meter on and off (short press for ON, long press for OFF) and there are two buttons on the right side. The upper button is short press for HOLD, long press for backlight (and rear torch) while the lower button is multi-functional.

The device comes complete with normal meter leads and a thermocouple lead. The leads go into the bottom of the display rather than the front and for those who care about such things, there’s a CE symbol just below the display.

ET8134 Multimeter

Without any leads connected, the meter appeared to be showing room temperature. I’m sure someone will tell me the point of that 🙂 Anyway, I’ve summarized below what the ET8134 can do and in a nutshell, the full list of features in the image at the end. I have several meters and some of them look like the might not survive a fall on-site – this looks like it will and I like the large, clear display.

Features include:
Manual + Auto test – 6000 count digital display
True RMS AC DC voltage, AC DC current measurement as well as continuity and resistance measurement, diode testing,
Capacitance measurement
Temperature measurement
Frequency measurement
Display size 4.7″
Bar graph
Auto shut-down after 15 minutes

ET8134 Multimeter features

Live/Neutral detection and non-contact voltage detection – I hate to say this – but in this case, the link I gave you at the top does a better job of describing the functions than I can do – so if you’re interested in an all-in-one multimeter – I recommend taking a look – that web page link at the top has (hopefully) all the info you need.


3 thoughts on “ET8134 4.7-inch Large LCD Screen Smart True RMS Digital Multimeter

  1. Pete, I was looking at purchasing this multimeter and believe you get some kind of credit for me purchasing thru the link you provided to Banggood, but the ship to country and currency can’t be changed in your link. Is there any way to help you out and still purchase on my normal Banggood site?

  2. Thanks for the review. Does the continuity buzzer have a decent volume? Had a few low-cost meters that just weren’t audible in my workshop.

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