FAB11 – Boston

This coming Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday I’ll be working with Espressif CEO Swee-Ann TeoJeroen Domburg, Ivan Grokkhotkov and others at FAB11 in Boston – demonstrating how to use the ESP8266 chips in home control and other applications. Heading off from Alicante (Spain) first thing in the morning tomorrow (Sunday) and arriving late afternoon in Boston USA. Should be quite an adventure.

As well as talking about the technology and helping others I’m hoping to learn a lot more myself about these chips and of course I’ll be spending time armed with camera, checking out the many seminars and exhibitions at FAB11.  For pics and info…. I’ll be updating this blog occasionally – tweeting at @scargill (#fab11) and on the Facebook page esp8266wifi


2 thoughts on “FAB11 – Boston

  1. Peter, Hope you have a wonderful time in Boston. I’ve been a few times myself and it really is a great city especially if you like sea food. You deserve the recognition after all the hard work you have put into the 8266.

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