Feeltech 6900 Signal Generator

You may have seen a recent comment from Peter Tennenbaum in my FY6800 review from last year.  His success at obtaining English documentation prompted me to get in touch with the company, the upshot being that the new FY6900 model has just arrived and looking remarkably like the FY6800.

I note in the EEV blog there is reference to a cooling fan. There certainly is a fan grill but I could see no sign of a fan nor could I hear one – I’ve not opened up the unit yet to prove this either way but it certainly looks like there is no actual fan. On the surface then not so much a new product as a 2019 upgrade from the FY6600 and FY6800 models – this is the inexpensive (£68 – £80 depending on frequency – Banggood have them in stock as I’m sure do various other suppliers – mine came straight from Feeltech) FY6900 Dual Channel DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator Pulse Signal Source Frequency Counter.

Rather than simply re-iterate information readily available in English on the Feeltech site, here it is… all the information you likely need and lots you probably don’t need. Enjoy. I guess the more people who visit their site and gripe about any language errors, the better off we’ll all be. If you are dipping your toes into signal generators (with arbitrary waveform generation) this is certainly an inexpensive entry point.



2 thoughts on “Feeltech 6900 Signal Generator

  1. Please be advised that when the unit does not power up, you may need to check the internal wiring.
    Mine had its power cable loose.

    Also the ground cable, connected to the mains ground was hanging on a single thread.
    Since the mains power cables are not isolated on the inside, it is very well possible that ground cable (part of a flat cable) may contact one of the mains power lines and cause a lot of trouble on your device and maybe everything connected to it.

    So please do yourself a favor and open up the device before powering it on.
    And while you’re at it, replace part of that “ground cable” with something that has proper isolation properties.
    I also put some shrink wrap around the mains solder joints just to be sure.

    For some photos, see: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GeRcD1omzCEhnu4bA

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