First of the Summer Toys – Solar RGB Owl

Sick of the usual boring solar garden lights? Well, here’s something different. While writing about (completely unrelated) ESP8266-based OLED and LCD displays in here earlier, I mentioned an RGB Perspex “3D” Shark which came from China which quickly found a place in our living room. Well, this OWL came from the same place but this is SOLAR and both my wife and I love it.

Solar RGB Owl

Banggood refer to this (probably more accurately than me) as “”. I have to say that sounds more concise than the last one – – however – both great gadgets. To fill a gap I’ve included a photo of their “solar heart” though that didn’t impess me enough to buy.

As for the owl? With a special caviate below, I was that impressed, I bought another one. It looks as if (maybe) the worst of the winter weather is done, here in the Spanish Granada region, so time to start populating the garden with summer lighting.

Solar RGB Owl and other Acrylic novelies

A reminder that the shark and dolphin shown above are USB-powered and intended for internal use, the owl is solar and ideal for the garden. As for the acrylic itself? The frame is really not visible in the dark so the illusion is perfect. The owls stay lit up for hours at night even in winter (Spanish winter that is).

The caviat?? The same day I fitted the second owl, I happened to notice the first one was off when I checked just before midnight. Why? Damp inside, that’s why – and the first signs of corrosion around the PCB, so now both owls are indoors, smothered in 3-in-1 oil so that tomorrow I can give them a clean and a coating of silicone before putting them back out. I’m convinced it must never rain in China. Why else would they sell a garden light that lets water in . and they almost ALL do the same thing…

Update June 2021

The two solar owls corroded inside, one recovered with a spot of WD40 and sandpaper, the other is SHOT (PCB corroded, battery contacts turned to mush). What is WRONG with Chinese light designers? – do they do this DELIBERATELY?


7 thoughts on “First of the Summer Toys – Solar RGB Owl

  1. I always stick some heavy duty clear waterproof tape over the solar cells on outdoor gadgets, and the owl was no exception!
    I’ll see how it gets on now it’s taped up and in-situ in the garden.
    Seems to last a few hours each evening with the daily solar topup and it’s not wall to wall sun currently so summer run times should be good.

    1. But won’t the sun eventually get to the tape? Yes, they do stay lit well, I love mine – got a matching pair outside sitting in plant pots….I’m torn between silicon sealant and glue gun glue as possible weather proofing…more ideas welcome – bearing in mind where I am we’re talking -5c maybe in the winter and +40c in summer (and clearly these will not be in the shade).It would be nice if they’d last maybe 3-5 years.

      1. Eventually, but it will last a couple of years. I’ll just peel it off and put some new tape on at that point (if the Owl is still working!). I won’t put it out in winter, there won’t be sufficient light to charge it up + weather conditions aren’t kind to basic electronics.

        1. Hi Andy

          Here in Southern Spain there is sufficient sunlight pretty much all year to keep these things going. Indeed in summer, I would have expected the sun to wreak havoc on clear waterproof tape.. it certainly doesn’t do silicon sealant any good 🙂 Back in the Northeast of England I’ve lost many solar lights in a year or less due to persistent dampness.

    1. Erm, sorry to say this – I just ordered the last one 😊

      As soon as my contact in Banggood is back from Chinese New Year, I’m ask him to get more in. They really are too good to miss. I even check both Banggood and AliExpress for you.. no stock of anything similar today.. damn.

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