First reviews of 2018

Thanks for your continued patience, everyone. Following on from my little mishap in December, which has effectively prevented me from blogging or making YouTube videos from mid-December onward, I plan to start doing some blog writing with more detailed blogs and videos to follow perhaps in April/May when I’ll also have access to all my electronics gear following house moving. Our original plans which included spending the entire summer in Spain, came adrift mid-December.

For now I’m doing my best to respond to your emails and looking to doing some short equipment write-ups. I have some catching up to do on the writing front. At least now I have a computer with camera up and running.

Here is a start on some of the stuff that arrived for me while I was out of action.

UNI-T UT61E 4-digit True RMS Multimeter from Banggood


Being used to run-of-the-mill 3.5 digit multi-meters, the UNI-T UT61E 4 digit True RMS Multimeter represented a move upmarket for me and the unit I received came complete with optically isolated RS232 adaptor. A USB cable is, as an alternative, available as an option on all models in the range except UT61A. I should have thought about that but I didn’t.

  1. Operating temperature range is 0c to 40c with storage range claimed to be –10c to 50c. As well as the usual AC/DC voltage and current measurements with accuracy as high as 0.5%, resistance and diode testing, the UT61E tests capacitance as well as frequency and duty cycle.

The meter comes complete with mini-CD. I did not need to use this.

Measurements can be absolute or relative to readings stored earlier. The unit also has a HOLD button and a PEAK button.

The meter uses a single 9v battery. Banggood supply this and many other measuring instruments.


31 thoughts on “First reviews of 2018

  1. Fanastic news Peter, that you are back on desk. Hope everything goes well on your recovery. Thank you, Mr Shark for keep the blog running. Peter was very missed for the last few months.

  2. Welcome back Peter.

    You have been a great inspiration in my home automation projects since I found your blog.

    I hope you get completely well soon.

  3. Good to see you back Pete, looking forward to more postings, as and when you feel able.
    We’re a patient lot here, so no rush…. in your own time.

  4. Glad to have you back again. I learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for that!

  5. Glad to have you back at a keyboard.
    It’s a pleasure to read your articles again

  6. Welcome back Peter. Nice to hear that you are recovering. All of us (your readers) enjoy reading your briliant blog. I wish you a healthy and interesting 2018.

  7. Welcome back Pete – so good to hear from you again as it’s confirmation that you’re on the mend. A close friend of mine also had a stroke around the same time as you and he’s now bounced back too although it’s forced his hand into taking retirement – something he’d talked about but being self employed and still enjoying the buzz of business, he’d kept putting off – so a double edged sword if you like – some good coming out of bad. He’s made a very good recovery apart from getting tired more easily than he used to but it’s God’s way of forcing him to take a bit more rest I think. I hope some good can come out of your ‘little scare’ too and that it doesn’t stop you doing too much of the things you love.

    Great to have you back but please don’t allow this blog to be a stress or worry at any point – let it remain something that you associate with positive thoughts.

    I look forward to your new articles and all the interesting group discussions that they spawn.

    All the best for your continued recovery and well-being Pete!


  8. Ya te echabamos de menos… bienvenido y como han dicho, confiamos que estes completamente recuperado.

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