Fun with Colours

Colour fun

I’ve been playing with these oddly named programs for ASCII text and pretty colours on my Raspberry Pi machines – check them out:


For example:

sudo apt-get install -y cowsay figlet toilet

On the RPi as it happens, the first two were already installed.

For another example – I simply ran the lines below on the Orange Pi Zero as root but on the RPi I did the install as user “pi” and I added “sudo” where necessary (as you see below):

sudo apt install ruby
cd lolcat-master/bin
sudo gem install lolcat
lolcat -h
Fun with colour

More Colour

I know, utterly pointless but hey, I like colour. More as I get to grips. I found this link…

Try this in a terminal:

watch -n1 "date '+%D%n%T'|figlet -k" | lolcat


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