Gadget Heaven – Lenovo Candle Light

Lenovo Portable Wireless Candle Light

What can I say about my new Lenovo candle light – I was sitting griping that the Xiaomi Yeelight Candela light seems to have gone out of production just as I’d discovered it – when out of the blue, it turns out that Lenovo have their own “candela” light – complete with Bluetooth speaker in the base – and here it is next to my new monster humidifier.

The un-inspiringly-named is non-the-less a bright, pleasant, soothing light – just like the now-defunct Xiaomi Yeelight Candela. Don’t ask me why people are attracted to orange lights – probably something from long before the industrial age. In common with the Yeelight, this light is easily adjustable (though less pleasing control than the Yeelight) and can go all the way from a dim orange glow to a bright output that looks remarkably candle-like, brightest at the bottom (not flickering). The unit runs off USB-C (lead provided) and has it’s own battery. It will run for hours and hours on a charge.

Lenovo Portable Wireless Candle Light

Oh and they do the base in black, greenish and red. Speaker is Bluetooth 5.0 and the unit is waterproof. The advert above (which has all the specs) describes the audio as 5-channel (how you do that with one speaker is beyond me though apparently you can use them in pairs, controlled by your phone) but I wasn’t that bothered about the sound, I just wanted a nice candle light and I got it. I should really have a couple for our pergola.

Unlike the Yeelight which has it’s own APP and can be turned on and off, up and down by the phone, the Lenovo light can become a Bluetooth peripheral and phone audio output can if you wish be to the Lenovo, or to a pair of Lenovos.

For me, you can’t beat a nice candle light or two – preferably without a flame. I think Lenovo are onto a winner here, especially as the (slimmer, speaker-free) Yeelight Candela seems to be dead in the water.

These would indeed make a nice gift for someone.