Garden Solar Light Time

No matter where I am, it always seems to be about the same time of year that I suddenly get the urge to play with garden solar lights… and I keep discovering new varieties to keep my interest up.

Banggood solar lights

This weekend I was at home in Northumberland when a package from Banggood arrived with these beauties in it.

  360° LED Solar Motion Sensor Light
  33 LED RGB Solar Power Torch Light
  5M 20LED Dandelion Ball Solar Light Lamp

The dandelions are blue and much better than the norm with a nice soft furry feel to them. The power torch – well, you will have see the normal flicker version of these before – a full RGB version of these was new to me – the left photo shows the solar torch which is constantly colour-changing.

The dandelion lamps are also shown still in a cluster (I wanted to get them charged) whereas the centre and right photos show the quite impressive solar motion light which, as you can see in the CENTRE photo, is BRIGHT when fully on – the unit settles to a dim white when no-one is near – hence conserving charge while still giving some illumination. All three of these units last all night with even half a day of sunshine (as against Poundland specials which are often good for a couple of hours a night then usually die forever after 3 months or so).

In the left photo, ignore the string of red lights, I’ve had those for years (220v powered).

If you want more info or you’re interested in getting hold of these, please use the links above. Assuming these stand the test of time, these will end up in Spain later in the summer – though they did quite well over the weekend considering the half-hearted UK Northeast sunshine.


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