Geekcreit 3.5″ LCD Touch Screen, Case and Pen Kit

RPI 3 LCD Screen and case

Just a brief mention of the Geekcreit 3.5″ TFT LCD Touch Screen+Protective Case+ Touch Pen Kit for the Raspberry Pi – Banggood sent this to me a while ago – if you are planning to use an RPI3 and need a small screen this is a good an option as any and saves messing round with bezels etc.

LCD TFT resolution is 320*480 and an SPI driver is provided (works with Raspberry Pi directly). The case is a 6-piece PMMA enclosure that snaps together around the Raspberry Pi 3 Model 3. The whole thing is inexpensive.

I ordered this without thinking that my two main RPIs are actually model 4 but if you want to extend the usefulness of the earlier model 3 then this might be helpful.


4 thoughts on “Geekcreit 3.5″ LCD Touch Screen, Case and Pen Kit

  1. should be this:

    there should be no problems in have it working on Pi4 as it uses the gpio spi interface, not the hdmi…

    i’ve seen lots of projects showing system stuff, like your custom CLS command or that famous python lib, or the PI-Hole statistics, on that display…

    1. I agree – but as I’ve not tried this on a Pi4 I was playing safe and of course the case won’t do for the Pi4 as the HDMI connectors have changed…

      1. A little quality time with a Dremel would solve the case problem. Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of melting acrylic!

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