General Update

tmp11DFThe last couple of days has been interesting – we’ve been checking that the Raspberry Pi 2 script works properly – it turns out that it simply won’t work if you have any kind of root access to the Pi. I’d not realised by by giving myself SUDO access in winSCP – rather handy for editing files, I’d given myself the same access in the terminal – and hence all attempts at the script failed. Today after starting afresh with the November 2015 Jessie image from Raspberry Pi (NOT the Noobs setup) – and running as Pi user, the script (despite warnings) operates perfectly, installing Apache, Sqlite, Mosquitto with web sockets and Node-Red with a host of nodes including my own.

In other events, the ESP8266 code referred to elsewhere in the blog has taken a leap (not yet online – I’m off to Spain for a couple of weeks and I’ll get onto that on my return) and now handles (thanks to Richard Burton for his help) OTA.  Still working on OTA from an external site.  We’ve added OTA setup commands to the web interface.

Most importantly on the above we’ve found and modified a library to give a software second serial port able to run at 56k – hence enabling direct Nextion display interaction on an un-modified ESP-12 for example. I already have a display device with buttons controlling other ESPs on the network via MQTT commands – this could be so powerful and will allow for remote control display panels all over the place.

tmp762BThe Sonoff device continues to work well with our software, waiting to find out how much FLASH it has on-board to ensure we’ll be able to work with that,

Sunny SpainRight now I’m packing my bags as I’m off to work on a project for just under 2 weeks on the east coast of Spain near Barcelona – using ESP-12s and Raspberry Pis strangely enough so output on the blog will be somewhat reduced as I can’t take my toys with me. I’ve a new paper-white display and a fantastic new software-defined radio setup – but they’ll just have to wait for my return.

The Facebook page at is seeing more Pi and review related material and I’ve decided it is time to move the non-ESP stuff off onto a page of it’s own – so please if you are a Facebook user, follow


7 thoughts on “General Update

    1. I’ll check that – they should not… ok, looking now.
      Yup it was wrong… I have now corrected the blog as well as making it more clear you must do this as user Pi.

      Let me know how you get on.

  1. Ah excited to try the new script and maybe on my 20th attempt to get a working system.
    Downloaded November Jessie
    Did entire install using Putty, to avoid WinSCP
    Alas … all the usual “root does not have permission” etc
    Is this the correct script?
    Anyone else having problems or am I the only one?

    1. So I use winSCP but with Putty embedded. I made the mistake initially of giving WinSCP higher privileges – and that caused the script to install node-red as root… we just did an installation from scratch – Pi2 – and it went flawlessly.

      I cannot guarantee that this will work for others – but by specifying a specific starting point and the environment I used, I hope others can replicate what we have done.

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