GL-iNet Spitz 4G LTE Smart Router

I’m impressed already – as a long-term occasional user of the GL-iNet Mango travel router, I thought I’d give their upmarket products a look. The Spitz is, to LOVELY at least to look at. Check pricing in your area.

Tiny and open-source, the Spitz arrived in up-market packaging, complete with both EU and UK adaptors. The unit comes with English instructions and a white RJ-45 network lead. Connectors are power and a pair of RJ45s for WAN and LAN. Over on the left is a USB2 connector.

Underneath, the Spitz takes both a SIM and a TF card (microSD) and as I’m moving to SSD on my Raspberry PIs, I just happen to have the odd spare 32GB microSD.

Spitz from GL-iNet

and now, to the actual router. All hooked up and ready to plug in.

GL-iNet Spitz

For me the hardest part of working with modems is usually the out-of-box first experience. No surprises with this device. With nothing more than mains power connected, the unit appeared with two WiFi access points – G-X750-48c and the default password noted on the card inside the box. Two such access points are available, the other being 5Ghz.

The default set-up address is – no password initially. I have to say the interfce on my phone looks good. I was asked (in English) to choose a language – I left the default English. Next page – password selection for admin. From there I moved onto setup, the page indicated I needed a cable in the WAN port or a SIM card, tethering option or I could use the unit as a repeater. I took the easy option -repeater – and that was that. No technobabble – no part-foreign language… easy.

The router has dual-band WiFi, a built-in firewall, supports OpenVPN, Wireguard and has customised DNS servers along with optional Bluetooth and Zigbee modules. In fact – why don’t I simply send you over to their specification page.

I’m starting to package everything up now for our long-overdue tip to Spain so I’ll go into more detail on this router later. I hope you found this useful.


3 thoughts on “GL-iNet Spitz 4G LTE Smart Router

  1. Cor, £145.90 from Amazon UK!
    I think I will stick with a “ZTE MF920V 4G Low Cost Travel Hotspot, Unlocked to all Networks” at £34.99 from Amazon UK.

    1. I did say it was up-market – mind you not THAT upmarket – the USA price is around $119 which would make it sub-£100 in the UK were it not that right now people seem to be thinking of prices and doubling them. I’m putting some more specs up for anyone interested. The Mango router was CHEAP so I’m assuming there’s a good reason for this pricing. Read on.

  2. And I thought it was Australia that was classed as “Treasure Island”! $212.00 (Aussie dollars) from Amazon here, which is about £117.00 currently. Mind you, still a big mark up on US price which should be about $174.00 AUD. Of course, most US Staes then have at least a 10% sales tax add-on (they never add it on the ‘shown’ price) so that would push it up to about $190.00 AUD which would include our 10% GST (VAT). So about a 10% mark up. Yeah – seems OK. I’ve seen much worse!

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