Goral S7 0.96” IPS Colour Blood Pressure Watch

Today’s post got off to a good start with this colour sports watch with pulse, blood pressure and blood sugar level indication, but all of that is just icing on the cake – the watch is beautiful. I own a Gear S2 Classic and by comparison, many watches look pathetic and for a tiny fraction of the cost of the S2, my hopes were not high but I have to say the Goral S7 is lovely. The watch came from Banggood – details below..

Goral S7 0.96″ IPS Color Screen Blood Pressure Smart Watch–  https://goo.gl/xStxH2

More Smart Wristbands —  https://goo.gl/sjjoFn

EU Warehouse — https://goo.gl/kzCXCR

Goral S7

It took me a few minutes to grasp the operation with my Android phone (Doogee Mix 2 – Android 7.1.1) including pairing their App and NOT pairing the phone, but once grasped, I used the (kind of) English manual and quickly grasped that there is no up/down movement on the touch area of the screen which instead works on long and short touch of the area at the bottom of the screen.

Goral S7Yes that IS leather (or something that looks like it) as against the usual plastic bands and yes the screen IS true (as against selective) colour. The unit has 3 different watch faces, a stop watch and the usual sports and sleep monitoring features, is slim, curved and by all accounts water-resistant. The App got bad ratings on the PlayStore which I originally figured was down to poor translation and confusion over long-press operations – but now that I’ve given the band some longer term testing I can see why.. the battery dies without warning, sometimes after just a day or two… it is the “without warning” that sadly kills off this band as a viable choice.

The watch LOOKS like glass, metal and leather though I suspect at the price all is not so simple.

Goral S7The battery, it is claimed, lasts for 5-7 days but it lasts no-where near that long. The supplied USB charge lead is short (with a spring clamp) and a tad inconvenient to use. The boxing is adequate.

A novel feature is “Find my phone” which plays a tune on the phone – incidentally apps are available for Android and IOS.

After some testing, the battery issue and the need to keep the App running on the phone to keep a Bluetooth connection are enough to put me off.  Google gave the app 2.5 – which is very low.


8 thoughts on “Goral S7 0.96” IPS Colour Blood Pressure Watch

  1. Blood pressure measurement using a PPG sensor (photoplethysmography) and a bit of mathematics! Impressive I reckon.

  2. Very interesting. Did you, Peter, checked your sugar level using this one? Maybe you have any friend with diabetes and can can test it on them? Would be very thankful for any info

    1. The docs do say not to use the measurement for medical purposes so I can only assume it is approximate. The blood PRESSURE reading seemed reasonable considering there’s no arm blood constriction going on.
      According to one blog reader – blood pressure measurement using a PPG sensor (photoplethysmography) and a bit of mathematics

      Update: the 5-7 day battery lasted 3-4 days though it is possible I didn’t fully charge the unit the first time.

      1. Likely the bit of mathemetics leads to some number which often correlates to some degree with blood pressure; maybe to blood sugar. But not necessarily very accurately, especially the latter.

    1. You could also ask how it measures blood pressure without a compression tube, but it (apparently) does. More’s the point, no-one has asked about screen brilliance. I found out this morning on a 9am walk in the mountains that, sadly the screen is very dim even in the shade. What were they thinking about?

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