Hands-free washing using inexpensive foam

This subject is more easily covered in video so here goes – all the links are included, I’m having great fun with these (now very appropriate to the times) gadgets which combine to provide a clean, hygienic hands-free washing experience – quite topical right now.

Above, an inexpensive USB-powered hands-free foam dispenser using commonly-available cleaner (supermarket) – see the video.

Here’s the Banggood link for this foaming cleaner dispenser gadget – X1 Full-automatic Inducting Foaming Soap Dispenser – the liquid soap is commonly available at low cost – I bought mine from Aldi in the UK for under £1

See also my blog entry on the Electrolytic Disinfectant Generator. I’m having great fun with this stuff but there is of course a serious side to their use right now. I recommend investigating further.

Worthy of note (as I found out later) – don’t use cheap batteries with units like this – Energisers are a good idea.


One thought on “Hands-free washing using inexpensive foam

  1. These two gadgets look great, really capturing the Covid zeitgeist!

    I think that we could use both devices in our hospitality business when we re-open. I’ll pass the link to our head of housekeeping.

    Are they both available from Banggood?

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