Hands-free washing using inexpensive foam

This subject is more easily covered in video so here goes – all the links are included, I’m having great fun with these gadgets which combine to provide a clean, hygienic hands-free washing experience – quite topical right now.

Above, an inexpensive USB-powered hands-free foam dispenser using commonly-available cleaner (supermarket) – see the video.


On an indirectly-related subject -electrochlorination… normally I wait until I get a gadget in my hands to cover a subject but given the rather unique circumstances we find ourselves in today – I thought it worth putting something in the blog while waiting to see if our Chinese friends are going to send me one of the relevant gadgets.

In essence, take a plastic container with water and added table salt, run a DC current through it using stainless electrodes (so they won’t corrode) and over time you will see hydrogen bubbles appear – and you will end up with a container of sodium hypochlorite – bleach (in water) – which can then be used to clean and disinfect. The upshot is that a number of gadgets are appearing on the market to do this for you. One option is a USB-powered base – generating (off-load) 5v – dropping as needed to keep a constant current.

Typically such devices will come complete with aesthetic coloured lights.

So, until I get something solid in my hands, here is the relevant Wikipedia article on the chemistry – and Big Clive’s video on a cheap example gadget. I’m assuming not that many of you are interested in commercial – large scale bleaching – there’s plenty out there if you are.


One thought on “Hands-free washing using inexpensive foam

  1. These two gadgets look great, really capturing the Covid zeitgeist!

    I think that we could use both devices in our hospitality business when we re-open. I’ll pass the link to our head of housekeeping.

    Are they both available from Banggood?

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