Hands-free washing using inexpensive foam

This subject is more easily covered in video so here goes – all the links are included, I’m having great fun with these (now very appropriate to the times) gadgets which combine to provide a clean, hygienic hands-free washing experience – quite topical right now.

Above, an inexpensive USB-powered hands-free foam dispenser using commonly-available cleaner (supermarket) – see the video.

Here’s the Banggood link for this foaming cleaner dispenser gadget – X1 Full-automatic Inducting Foaming Soap Dispenser – the liquid soap is commonly available at low cost – I bought my soap from Aldi in the UK for under £1

See also my blog entry on the Electrolytic Disinfectant Generator. I’m having great fun with this stuff but there is of course a serious side to their use right now. I recommend investigating further.

Worthy of note (as I found out later) – don’t use cheap batteries with units like this – Energisers are a good idea.

December 2021 Update

Banggood foaming soap dispenser - this one still works 18 months later

You may well remember I wrote another blog entry on similar dispensers here. Well, the others turned out long-term to be less than ideal, one dropped off the wall almost immediately, the other works but continues to fall off.. (not the mounting bracket, the unit itself) – more trouble than they are worth…

But THIS model sits now on a shelf in our kitchen and has done throughout the entire epidemic, without maintenance other than one battery replacement and refilling from an arbitrary (diluted) Aldi foaming soap refill.

In other words, it just works. Clearly the designers put more thought into it than other models I’ve had. Now, had they made the top and bottom parts a slightly tighter fit…. and had separate on and off buttons rather than the combined button, even better but I’m not complaining.

In the meantime – another model purchased from Amazon last year, rusted and ended up in the bin. Here’s an up-to-date photo of this Banggood-supplied unit. I just checked and it is still available. And who would have thought we’d still be thinking about hands-free operation this far past the start of Covid.

I thoroughly expect to be able to leave this in the kitchen while we clear off to the sun and leave the place to holiday rental for another year.


One thought on “Hands-free washing using inexpensive foam

  1. These two gadgets look great, really capturing the Covid zeitgeist!

    I think that we could use both devices in our hospitality business when we re-open. I’ll pass the link to our head of housekeeping.

    Are they both available from Banggood?

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