Hantek DSO 5102P Digital Storage Scope

The DSO 5102P Oscilloscope was the last Christmas present to arrive and so it has not had a hammering yet but here it is anyway – and it’s a beauty. Not expensive either. The specs look good for an entry-level scope.

Here’s the DSO 5102P oscilloscope on my bench:

Hantek DSO 5102P Scope from Banggood

Hantek have been around for a decade or more and make a wide variety of test instruments. This model scope sits somewhere in the middle of their oscilloscope range as a desktop/portable 100Mhz, 1GSa/S dual channel storage scope. Overleaf you’ll see the Banggood links inc discount coupon supplied by Banggood.

Press the “measure” button to get frequency, period, voltage and more.

This is a mains powered oscilloscope (what’s one of those as a friend of mine asked yesterday) and comes with a standard mains lead.


With 100Mhz bandwidth and 1GSa/S real-time sample rate, this dual-channel scope has a 7” 800×480 colour LCD display.

It can record up to 40K samples and has various trigger modes.

The scope comes with USB host and connectivity as standard and provides software for PC real time analysis.

Resolution is 8-bit. Both channels sampled simultaneously. The DSO 5102P comes with two scope leads. If you want real, in-depth technical info I’ll simply point you to the Banggood link I provided, it is all in there along with more sample waveform figures and much more information.

Not ideal but everything arrived in one piece including the supplied CD. I don’t have a CD/DVD player on my PC but I grabbed the software + driver from the Hantek site. I made sure I was using the right USB connection (square data USB on the back, not the image capture connection on the front. After some worries which it turned out to be my duff USB hub, I got a beep out of the scope, ran the software, no problems. The display looks a bit squashed, but it works.

PC Display

Here’s the box the scope arrived in.

Hantek box

and here are the links: Hantek DSO5102P USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope — https://goo.gl/FMH5aV
More Digital Oscilloscopes — https://goo.gl/7iDTA1

#Note this discount coupon supplied by Banggood – https://goo.gl/Mn6Dmh (20% off coupon: 20DSO5102P )

Some sample waveforms from the DSO 5102P scope:

DSO 5102P waveforms

For now, the scope adds to my workbench a very useful general purpose tool and will no doubt end up in Spain with me over the summer.


33 thoughts on “Hantek DSO 5102P Digital Storage Scope


    Got the DSO5102P FOR £173 INCL Shipping. After ticking the ‘ship from uk’ box on the Bangood site. The scope was shipped from a UK adress so no Vat to pay! It did come with an EU plug but I will use an IEC UK lead that I have.

  2. Hi All,

    I just bought a DSO5102P and am pleased with the look and feel of it. I have not used it in any depth but I noticed that after doing the probe check that I can no longer do it again. I hurried the initial probe set up and want to repeat it but I am prevented from doing this? When I connect the probe to the test point, changing the adjustment on the probe has zero effect on the shape of the displayed waveform.
    Anybody have any input on this?


    Phil C

  3. I took the plunge and bought the Hantek DSO5072P, two off ebay, one for a friend, as there was discount for buying two it worked out at just over £188 ea. and that was delivery from within the UK.

  4. Scopes can be quite personal things, I grew up with Tektronix & HP/Agilent gear & find their stuff reasonably intuitive. Possibly because they are familiar.
    It’s very difficult to ‘try before you buy’ nowadays, unfortunately.
    In my previous job as a university lecturer we had an entire lab kitted out by a major manufacturer, all very high end gear, provided at massive discount.
    Sadly it was useless. Even switching on a bench PSU was a chore without the manual.

      1. I can get the Owon from ebay from the UK for £178 inc. delivery which is cheaper than the Hantek, the only thing obvious can see is the Owon doesn’t have an external trigger input.

  5. I have a Tektronix 2215 60MHz analogue scope going free to a good home. It’s old & tired, like me, but it’s ok. 🙂
    I won’t post it so you need to collect it. I’m not giving away any probes.
    I currently live in south Leicestershire but visit Newcastle regularly.
    This thing is MUCH too good to bin.


  6. I have a Tektronix 2215 60MHz analogue scope going free to a good home. It’s old & tired, like me, but it’s ok. 🙂
    I won’t post it so you need to collect it. I’m not giving away any probes.
    I currently live in south Leicestershire but visit Newcastle regularly.
    This thing is MUCH too good to bin.


  7. I asked Banggood about pricing and they just sent a 20% discount coupon – I’ve updated the blog.

  8. Having got the scope bug I’ve been researching them and reading on the EEVblog and as you can guess most people say don’t buy the budget scopes spend more and get better….. Anyway I’m now considering an OWON VDS1022I USB scope, not as good a spec as the bench scopes but more than what I need and I have a 10″ Windows10 tablet doing very little which would make a nice UI for it, maybe even print a frame to mount the scope on the back of it …hmmmm, very tempting.

    1. Hi Phil, as always it depends on what you want to do but another option is to buy a used analogue scope off of somewhere like Ebay for voltages / signals more than, say, 5 volt. Then also buy something like one of the 4 channel IKA logic SQ units. These IKA logic units are the little brother to the one Peter reviewed.
      I have an IKA logicSQ100 4 channel unit and it is absolutely brilliant, the software runs on Windows and Linux on any screen size you have. It doesn’t have voltage measurement but is excellent for checking serial, I2C, SPI and a raft of other signals. For that kind of work it is my go to test equipment.
      Alternatives are the Saleae devices and the clones which can be bought for less than £10.00 that use the Saleae software, that’s a bit naughty!. I have one and it works fine, not in the same league as the Ikalogic though.
      For other work on higher voltages there are some amazing deals on good used analogue scopes.
      I looked at a video based on the OWON device compared to a Rigol 4 channel 100 Mhz scope , those reviewers liked the OWON and rated it for basic measurements, signal checking etc.

      1. Thanks.,
        I already have a cheap 8 channel analyser that works brilliantly and I’ve had a couple of analogue scopes but they’re bit bulky, I usually borrow a scope from work as I need but I fancy one of my own and the USB option takes up little space

  9. I just found someone on ebay selling them for £199 from the UK so I think I’ll order one of those

    1. everything above 22€ can have vat+customs… do only if really it’s worth, think to warranty too… better to have these on amazon or locally, bit more expensive but cheaper in case of problems…

      1. Absolutely right and good advice Antonio. In the UK I thought it was anything above £15.00 attracted VAT and the Post Office charge an £8.00 to collect the tax. The values may have changed since I last checked. It is a bit of a lottery whether or not your package is intercepted and you have to pay the charges.
        For small items just doing multiple orders overcomes the issue.

        1. For small items I do just that, split the order into separate orders. For large items it vry much depends on the packaging. if this looks like a simple second hand sale or gift you may escape the Duty and the post office “charge”, no guarantees.

          1. Hi Peter, I ordered the Alphawise IP camera you recently blogged about, that arrived boxed in a plain grey outer bag without incurring any extra charges. BTW I’ve noticed lately that stuff from China seems to be arriving quicker these days. My best yet was goods ordered on 17th December arrived on the 22nd.

            1. I’m with you there Bob, but you can’t COUNT on that speed. of course it depends if you have them ship by the cheapest method or not. Good luck with your camera, I love mine.

    2. Yes, I did…a lot of troubles because the device went broken after one month and then I got involved in the endless exchange of emails with someone from Banggood leading to no solution to the problem. After almost two weeks I was authorized for returning the device and claiming a refund. The other device, a repair microscope that I ordered from them was not delivered at all until now, almost two weeks after the scheduled delivery date. On my request for an explanation, I was advised to be patient. However, on their website, the tracking information says it was delivered on time…total lie.
      My advice is, stay away…

      1. In the interests of fairness I’ve published this – but that is not my experience of Banggood at all and I hear very little negative feedback about them. Tracking info – in the UK I’ve found that to be generally accurate – in our corner of Spain there is one company in particular who regularly claim they have delivered something when in fact they have dropped it off at the local pub or hotel. Can’t blame the supplier for that as they deal with the often multinational parent company not the last mile con-men.

        1. Hello,
          In my place (The Netherlands) there was no problem with the delivery of the DSO5102P…I rather wanted to warn potential buyers, who plan to get a purchase from Banggood about possible problems. It may be not worth to bye cheaper and face all the problems I’m dealing with…but maybe I’m simply a bit unlucky.
          Anyway, I wish good luck to those who want to try.

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