Haylou GT1 Pro Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds vs my Xiaomi Mi Earbuds

GT1 Earbuds

I’ve been using my Xiaomi Mi buds for some months now – every night (I’m one of these sad types who sends themselves off to sleep with a late night “Daily Show” or similar on Youtube). As for the Mi buds themselves, not much to say, they work well, I’ve had to reset them a couple of times but otherwise they are reliable, sound good and are easily loud enough. My only slight gripe is getting them out of the black plastic container which doubles up as a charger. Easy in daylight, not so simple in the dark when you are half asleep.

I just received the Haylou GT1 Pro TWS Wireless bluetooth 5.0 Earphones. Because the GT1 set are very similar to the Xiaomi buds, there’s not a lot between them EXCEPT that the GT1 units are much easier to get in and out of the case which is about 40% higher and a little wider than the Xiaomi product – other than that – again black, similar looking and similar weight.

Both use USB to charge the base, both come with a lead (not the 110v/220v end, just the USB lead). The Mi units have push buttons, the GT1 do not. The former might be useful for making calls – but I only use my buds for music and video on the phone or my tablets.

The GT1 case states battery life of 25 hours but then clarifies that with 3.5hr life, charging time 1.5 hours. I assume the 25 hours includes several recharges from the case. The GT1 buds make no mention of monoural operation or making calls – but that works for me. The information sheet is adequate and in both (good) English and Chinese.

Pairing took seconds and was completely automatic. Finally it might be my imagination but the GT1 feel slightly softer on my ears. Also, if anything, max volume levels even beat the Xiaomi Mi. Easily loud enough on my Pocophone for use in a plane. As for lag – this seems almost but not 100% non-existant.

In time for their 11.11 Festival, Banggood are introducing a new payment method. I’m neither endorsing this nor otherwise as I’ve not used it, just responding to a request to bring this to your attention.


5 thoughts on “Haylou GT1 Pro Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds vs my Xiaomi Mi Earbuds

    1. I will have to check back at my PC but I am almost sure NOT Redmi just Mi. Actually – no – I didn’t blog them – very unusual for me – but if you can habdle spanish… I can’t understand a word he says here…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLKBbTJmsA4
      Looks identical to my Mi (not Redmi) buds – I was told the Mi were better than the Redmi – that’s how I ended up with mine. Anyway I had the new GT1s on late last night through to the early hours – no complaints at all up to now and I’ll amplify my original comment “louder” – the GT1 units do seem able to pump out more volume than the Mi on the same phone – handy as I’m part of the “blast the music until it hurts” generation and suffering for it now.

      1. Ah, thank you Peter.
        Ok so I picked up a set of Redmi Airdot 2 from Amz0n for £15, so happy bunny.
        I’m quite impressed with the ease of use and watching Mandalorian last night was very impressed by the base response.
        Volume is great, I’m going to try to use them at night with some Biannual beats and see how well they work.
        The only let down is, as you said before, they are hard to get out of the case without turning it upside down.
        I’m going to try the GT1’s too.

        1. Yes, despite the lack of sesign thought re: removing crom the case, the Xiaomi are nice buds – and I’m very happy with the G1s.

          Always a good idea to have more than one set – you may have read, I had another nice set of buds some time ago.. I was happily listening to some music on a plane (8 hour flight to the USA as I recall) and as I was standing, minding my own business at the loo, one of the buds dropped straight out of my ear down through the non-reversible stainless loo cover. I was gutted 🙂

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