Helpful Engineering Volunteers Against Covid-19

Helpful Engineering

I’ve been asked today by Aidan Ruff – many of you will have come across the name of my friend and ex-business partner of many years as we work on projects together and so when he asked me to put a word in for a volunteer group called “Helpful Engineering” in these difficult times, I said I would.

The group apparently already has 3400+ volunteers (engineers, developers, doctors, scientists etc. working on 35+ projects. I have to mention that I am NOT vouching for the “partners” in this group, i.e. the larger sponsors as I know nothing about them. The honourable purpose of this group is all about volunteers with engineering/tech knowledge offering to team up (worldwide) with medical people in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic – so if the human race is as clever as we usually think we are, this post will have served its purpose soon and will then disappear.

My recommendation is to look at their ABOUT page to find out more if you can help (or if you are in the medical profession, if you need help.

After all, what use are our great skills if we don’t have people to use what we design or make… if there ever was a time for open, hopefully for now red-tape-free cooperation between medical professionals and the engineering and technical muscle of the world – surely NOW – RIGHT NOW is that time.

The site has a volunteer form and also a SLACK workspace for online cooperation.


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  1. some good info about 3D printing devices, what to do to “finish” them so that no cracks or small holes allow virus and bacteria to get in and to grow in the internal cracks…
    and this, too:

    This is Josef Prusa himself explaining what to do and contains other 3D printable models:

    and lots of other info in this Reddit thread:

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