Holiday Goodness

Phone case“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” – well, certainly here in the Scargill household it is. I’m up early, checking out the Christmas sales on Banggood and GearBest (if I’m missing out, please do let me know!).

tmp33DFI’ve just sent off an AliExpress shopping list including yet another spiffy case for my Pocophone F1, some new bargain LED E27 (screw) 9w lamps and the tiniest yet Bluetooth in-ear Hygrometerphones (QC Q29), a nice cheap wall display and lots more. As requested – link to the cheap display here..

See past the break for IkalLogic and Itead Sonoff updates.

Meanwhile Mr Shark has just sent in this useful looking link for helping to get rid of unwanted rubbish on Debian (Raspbian) – looks like the site hasn’t been administered since 2005 but worth a look anyway.…current version of Deborphan is and the last copyright notice was 2008.

This link refers to a graphical front end for Deborphan for Ubuntu systems. Take care when running any such tools.

I found this on the blog (thanks Remy):

Deborphan info

Meanwhile I’ve a bumper crop of Christmas presents including a new IkaLogic SP209i 9-channel logic analyser. I have their previous model and so I have high hopes for this one.  More detail on that later but here’s a link to their site if you’re interested.


I also have some new products from ITEAD (Sonoff etc.)

If you’ve not seen it yet, check out the Sonoff S26 mains power socket. I have the S26G, UK plug and socket. Last night I hooked it into the ITEAD EweLink Android App… and Amazon Alexa. All working, no problem.  I’ll do a separate blog entry to do this justice.


11 thoughts on “Holiday Goodness

  1. Thanks Peter. Having looked at the link, I wonder what a smart guy like you is going to do with it. Didn’t seem programmable or connectable, but maybe I missed something in the Chinglish.

    Again, no hurry. Sun is down on Xmas here, but no doubt the day is just getting busy for you.

    1. Ah, yes… well, what you don;t know is that we do holiday cottage rental in the summer and most of the automation is behind the scenes.. I thought this might make a nice, non-programmable extra wall display. Cheap enough.

    1. Photo is wrong. I now have an obscene number of covers for that phone. 360 is best but I made the mistake of going for gold. Black next.

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