Home Control ESP Software Branding at Last

For far too long I’ve been sitting watching others give their ESP8266 home control software branding without following the trend. Having just spend umpteen solid hours updating the software, I’m taking the opportunity, merely for clarity, to go with the trend, The ESP8266 software, used extensively here and by blog readers is to be called ESP-GO.

This, as regular readers may know, this is well-developed,  reliable, native C code for the ESP8266 using the ESPRESSIF SDK (2.1 – 2.2 uses too much RAM) to provide comprehensive firmware for esp8266 when working with the likes of Raspberry Pi and “the script” in which Node-Red, supported by Mosquito MQTT, allows you to put together custom home control rapidly. This is all detailed elsewhere in the blog.

At the time of writing/updating, the version is 2.3.20, ESP-GO was recently (April 2018) updated to fix a remaining minor issue with fixed IP addressing and to update the supporting Word Document.

Also I just realised that a timeout is not practical for permanent manual override in node-red-contrib-bigtimer – so turned that off for version 2.3.19 onwards.


7 thoughts on “Home Control ESP Software Branding at Last

  1. “… home control rapidly. This is all detailed elsewhere in the blog.”

    Would you please list where in your blog?

    I do not wish to miss any details. And thank you for the work you are putting in to your blog. 🙂

  2. Pete, I would rethink the branding for clarity. ESPnow is a widely used name for the protocol for the chips….

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