Huawei Honor 5 Smart Band

Here we have the Huawei – as you may know I’ve had dozens of these Smart bracelets and watches in the last couple of years – and my favourite up to now remains the , however a friend of ours started me off on the Huawei bands and Maureen likes them – sadly the Huawei Honor 4 is not that extendable when it comes to watch faces – something they fixed in the Honor 5. Here are some pictures… lighting isn’t stunningly good but at least you know they are not stock photos…

Huawei 5

The watch face above is just one of many – Maureen loves it and the picture doesn’t do it justice. Head over to the Banggood site – (link above) or the Huawei site to see lots of other faces showing your sleep info, pulse, sports data – and of course you will be wanting the Huawei HEALTH app for your phone (mine is Andoid but they cater for Apple fans as well (I should imagine many of the latter already have an Apple Watch – must be fun charging batteries that often).

Rear view

Ok, so ilook around the back, you see the sensors for pulse etc, and contacts for the curved clip on charger lead that comes with the Honor 5 – no need to remove the (easily removable) band. And yes you can get new bands for this unit. Comfy? Yes. As good a battery as the Xiaomi Mi4? Most likely not but still a couple of weeks – not charged the band yet and it is doing just fine.

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